Our Values

We at Tree House Swans believe that


  • Childhood is an unique and valuable stage of human development during which responsive and reflected educational practice can make a huge positive impact.
  • Respecting and protecting the dignity worth and individuality of every member is the cornerstone of all good practice.
  • Children and adults thrive in a context of healthy relationships based on trust and respect.



  • Diversity among children, families and colleagues is to be supported and celebrated.
  • Pedagogic work based on strengths and needs of each child combined with research based knowledge of how children develop and learn, is effective.
  • Our core values are non-negotiable.

Our Goals

We strive to achieve:


  • An environment which safe and stimulating for children to grow, learn and have fun in.
  • An emotional culture of positivity for children and adults.
  • A good adult -child ratio to promote individual attention and care.
  • A healthy environment with wholesome vegetarian nutrition and appropriate hygienic practice.
  • An environment where children learn to be empathetic listeners, confident communicators and curious and active learners.








  • A culturally rich and varied multinational background for the children to learn that diversity is an integral part of life.

  • An authentic bilingual environment in which children learn English and German through the immersion method.

  • A thriving team culture where members feel supported and support each other thus work together to reach the goals stated above.


Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on the best practices of the ‘whole child’ schools of educational thought like Reggio Emilia, High Scope, Montessori and the latest scientific research. In this approach, empathy, caring about individual children, and genuineness on the part of the learning facilitator play a central role. Through play-based, purposeful activity children learn to enjoy the process of learning as well as the end product.


At Tree House Swans we combine, a standardized curriculum where learning goals are set according to developmental level and a more emergent curriculum which gives us more flexibility to integrate the interests and needs of the groups. The planning of the teachers has a multi -layered characteristic so the different developmental levels within the groups are addressed.




The role of the educator has the function of a Mentor or Facilitator. Observing without judgement, documenting and reflecting are tools used by educators at Tree House Swans to plan the environment and help children learn skills needed their level.


The curriculum encompasses all developmental areas. In addition we offer professionally lead music, theater and sport sessions depending on age of the children on a weekly basis.