The Magic in the name

The one most asked question to our new project is: ‘What does “Tree House Swans” mean?’ ‘Never heard of it!!’ Swans don’t live in trees nor houses … and neither tree houses!!! So we thought its best to just quickly tell you what thoughts stand behind this name. The name "Tree House Swans" 



was created by Taliyah Shirley Samuel to call her new non-profit company founded in December 2015, working to further the social cause of educating young children. Along with being the founder of Tree House Swans, Taliyah Shirley also is a member of the pedagogical lead team of Tree House Swans – International Bilingual Kindergarten.

Concept as a brand

“Tree” symbolizes the roots that nourish our children, the roots grounded in values of mutual respect, loving kindness, integrity, warmth and authenticity. These are the roots that we want to give our children.

Concept as a brand

The “Swans”, one of the heaviest birds to fly, symbolize the wings that we wish to give our children to sore up high into unknown fields and reach out far and wide. To have the confidence, courage, creativity, wisdom and maturity to take on the world.

Concept as a brand

The “House” symbolizes a safe place we aim to create with the parents where our children grow their roots and strengthen their wings, to become more of who they are and become a valuable part of an ethical, democratic and progressive culture we consider as essential to sustain.


We see the name to carry a magical element, like a fairytale where swans do live in tree houses.