Location and Group Size

The kindergarten is centrally located right on one of the main axis of the Cologne City area. Aachener Street, the former RTL site, adjacent to the newly built residential and business area of the Pandion. The rooms have big window to allow plenty of light. Every group has a large and a small group room and separate restrooms for the under 3 year olds. Toilets and showers are designed to be child friendly. There is an additional large multipurpose room which is used for sport activities and music sessions.


The kindergarten has a large outdoor playground with varied play equipment and well as large open areas for movement.


We offer the following Group structure in our Kindergarten :

One group with 10 to 12 children who are under 3 years of age. This group is designed to support age appropriate learning and early experiences.

• One mixed age group with 20 -22 children between the ages of 2.5 years and 4 years of age. The focus here is that on multi- layered  learning experience.


One group with 20 -22 children between 4 to 6 years of age. This allows to secure the possibility that all our children can stay with us until they start school. Special emphasis is put on working with children in this groups to refine school readiness skills.


The possibility for same age as well as cross age interactions are supported by the daily routine.

Our Kitchen

At Tree House Swans have a vegetarian kitchen where breakfast, meals and snacks are freshly prepared for our children. Careful attention is given to create  balanced vegetarian meals using a variety of grains, pulses, beans, seeds, vegetables and fruits. We also include the use of  eggs and milk products. The fruits, vegetables and eggs are predominantly of BIO quality. Special allergy considerations are made as and when needed. Hygiene standards for food storage, preparation and protocol are adhered to.



In combination to meals prepared in house, we also use the service of ‘Der Grüne Zwerge’ which specializes in freshly cooked vegetarian catering for schools and other institutions.


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